Monday, July 26, 2010

sorry for the delay...

I have gone MIA, but with good reasons, I promise!
I have had so many good supporters through out this long long year,
and I wanted to apologize in my late announcement to say...
"HE IS HOME!!!!"

My husband and his entire battalion are finally home from Afghanistan and with their loved ones!
He has been home now for 11 days, and i still smile and get giggly when he walks around the corner!
He is really home with us, and not going anywhere!!
My kids are like monkeys on their Dad and will not allow him out of their sight,
and our little miss who was just 2 months old when he left, she thinks he is the greatest Dada!!

Though once they return home they are still working, seeing there is so much to take care of when returning home from a years deployment, but they are short days, and then he is home with us...
We have done bike rides, park trips, beach trips, lounging by the water, Homecoming BBQ, the first wedding of the summer, and just non stop family time!
Ah family time, its good to not be alone anymore!
my bed is warm and cozy with my man sleeping close at night!

I have lots to share, and we are going to be cramped busy this entire summer till we head out for Georgia...
Georgia, oh Georgia!!!
But i will do my best to share some fabulous fun times on here!
Here are some clips from the homecoming night!!
I will attempted to load a video, but we shall see how that goes!

This is the flag the kids made for Daddy...handprints and feet!

In the gym...beginning our long long wait for their arrival!

Me and the kids with daddys poster!!

The bird has landed!!!

There they are!!!

and they are here...and the curtains raise!!!

Aiden found Dad first!

Then Kbear!

and little miss...

Yes, he is real, not a computer screen!!


Ali said...

THESE PICTURES ARE INCREDIBLE!!! So happy he's home. Amazing.

mrsashcake said...

These pictures honestly brought tears to my eyes! They are so happy and loving and I am so very happy for you!!!

Enjoy your time with him!!!