Tuesday, June 15, 2010

33 days, and the countdown begins...

With 4 previous deployments, and multiple extended training trips,
the final thing that makes it feel official to my kids
that daddy is finally going to be coming home
is their countdowns!!
We have done candy jars, and the typical links...
This time, I let them decide and come up with their own ideas for a countdown...

Kaybear decided to make a giant flower...
she will be taking off one petal every morning..
{and i guess hoping for a bald flower to come soon than later!}
it turned out great, and she loves it!

Aiden decided to make an American flag...
this is a special flag with just 33 stars on it for the days remaining...
He will removed on star every morning, till there are no stars left!
{{then he will be cheering!}}

This is something so special and exciting to my kids...
it gives them a visual to look at, and to enjoy.
They talk about it, and tell their friends,
and sometimes try to take an extra link off before bedtime!!
I dont blame them, i try to do the same thing every morning!

The countdowns do have a few extra days added to them
So i can have control over them not being angry at me
When the Army does not deliver when we are told...
{which happens often}
So as it gets closer, I will have the pleasure to adjust it accordingly!!

And so it begins!
The final days are here!!
{{happy dancing in my head}}


Ali said...

What an adorable idea!

Shawn said...

What an incredible thing your doing with your kiddos! I have the chills and tears in my eyes.

Oh, I love the pictures on your side bar which are new since my last visit!

Color Me Beautiful said...

yayy! you can take a few extra down =]