Wednesday, April 14, 2010

who procrastinates?

is it Wednesday?
Oh no better, its Wednesday evening!
fun fun right!!

So about that list.
well lets just say laziness bad habits are hard to overcome.

My list started just like i said, simple with 5 items.
with the goal to complete all by Wednesday!
well as i did other things in the house, i started adding them to my list just so i could check something off the dang list!
all while re-reading the list items...and rolling my eyes!
i mean really, whose silly idea was this?!

so out of the original 5 items, i completed 2. bwaaahhh!!!
In all fairness ladies, the stomach flu did attack my family this week,
and that put me out of commission for a little while...
my hand were preoccupied holding buckets and wiping butts.

do i get credit for 2 items?
heck yes i do!

1 comment:

College Student Out said...

hahaha TMI to the last part sista =]