Sunday, April 11, 2010

shu bug dont bother us...

Oh I have a sick household.
The stomach bug has decided to pitch tent, and lay a nest.

First under attack was my baby girl, Riley.
Having an 11 month old with the stomach flu is never a easy thing.
explosive diapers over and over...throwing up everything that goes in her mouth.
Her tummy is not wanting anything, but she still wants a warm bottle to help her sleep.
She still wants to crawl and play, and eat. Then she loses it all again.
Bath & Clean clothes again.

The next evening, Rileys tummy was not yet holding things down before brother joined in the fun.
He wanted to sleep in mommys bed last night cause he just wanted to be close to me.
But after 10 minutes of being in my bed, I realized it was going to be a rough night.
About 2 hours after that, it began.
My big guy was tough though, not crying, and listening to my direction as best as he could.
Lets just say we had lots and lots of laundry to take care of right away.

After a long night of 15 minutes sleep incramintes between bathroom/bowl runs...
this morning at 9am he was convinced that he was better, and wanted some pop tarts and milk.
Um, no Sir, no milk, no pop tarts. try a sip of water.
and like i pradicted, his tummy wanted nothing to do with that sip of water!
slow and steady big guy.

Mom is exhausted, and K bear is fine and well. fingers crossed
I feel like my turn is coming on.
So I will brace myself for round 3.
Such is life.

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College Student Out said...

my pooor babiess!!! I hope the house is all better! and go kaylee for having a nice strong immune system!