Wednesday, April 7, 2010

on a mission

I am on a mission...
a mission to set some serious goals!
A mission to make more lists
....cause that's how i roll!

I start to getta thinkin...then make the list...
then the lists pile up...
then the lists get lost, and tossed.

I feel like i get my mind going so fast, and all these ideas start flying around,
and they sound amazing, and i get pumped and excited, thinking of the benefits, and the enjoyments soon to come...
and then they are gone!
Funny huh? As fast as those ideas come to me, they get dropped.
a blonde thing maybe??? sure! maybe!

So the mission this time around,
make a short list, get the calendar out, and with a pen write down a time and day for these things to be tackled and accomplished.
I will limit this list to 5ish items, and 1 weeks time. Next Wednesday.
(and if you thought, hey Wednesday, what ever happened to weight watchers Wednesdays...well i am a slacker. slacker at eating right, slacker at going to meetings. Straight up slackin. this to, is on a list somewhere!)

So though i cannot tell you what the first thing on the list will be...the last thing to cross off will be to post about all things DONE!
Heres to my week of "mission complision"!!

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