Friday, April 2, 2010

My feet are dragging...

I am finding it hard to have motivation to do anything to my home anymore.
If this is no longer going to be my home...I feel distance already.
My countdown has started. (not that i asked it to...but it has)
t-minus 6 months till we head for the high hills mountains of Dahlonega, Georgia.

The most important countdown would be for my husbands return,
this is going to be in less than 4 months!
less than 4 months!! The thought fills me with butterflies! I love it!!

But so....back on track.
The goal is/was..IS?...
to have the home situation taken care of prior to his return, So that our focus is on each other, the kids, family, life, enjoying summer, and enjoying our moments with the people we will so greatly miss when we move away.
J is gone for 12 months, and then comes home with 2 months to say goodbye to home, and pack up and leave once more. (only this time, we all go!!) I ranted? Did i have a point?...
OH YES!...the search for motivation.
My home, our needs to be priority one, but i just have a lack of desire.
My pictures are living room is boring, I hate the new paint color.
Fixing, cleaning, and moving towards new beginnings.

But what if I am just not ready yet...

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