Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I am turning 100!!

it only took like forever and a day
but i am finally here!
I have reached my 100th post!
September 16, 2008 i posted my first post on this blog!
I have had so much fun using this an an outlet for all variations of emotions!

So to celebrate, here are my 100 random and useless facts...
i know how boring right?!
You can just pretend you read it, and leave me some comment love!!

100. I am 27 years old, married for 7 1/2 and have 3 children!
{no more children, many many more years of marriage!}

99. At one point we had 3 dogs, we are minus one now, and I am currently hoping to be minus another so we can be a happy one dog family. any takers?

98. favorite color, PINK! why? not cause i am girly, cause i am not...but actually because my best friend in 10 grade hated hated the color, so i started loving it because it drove her crazy! Now, i love love love my pink!!

97. I am the FRG leader of my husbands company FRG group.
{frg for non military peeps, Family Readiness Group, basically a support network for spouses, and source of all info during deployments and trainings...kinda a wife mommy}

96. I grew up in Hawaii from age 4 to 17. then my mean parents moved me to rainy cold Washington in November of all months!

95. 14 months after moving here, I met my husband, he was my neighbor!

94. Yes, there was a night when he was throwing rocks at my window, and actually climb the roof to my window!

93. And yes, when he picked me up for prom, he drove his car from his driveway to mine! ha, that is a funny one to think about! what a dork!

92. Um, did i say 100 facts? wow, that was a silly thing to say. I am not an interesting person!

91. I am the oldest grandchild out of 26! yes 26! love every stinkin one of them!

90. I do not plan to have 9 children like my grandma did!!!

89. 2 summers ago i completed my first triathlon, then became pregnant like that this summer hope to compete in another!

88. I hate the gym, but i love it so much at the same time. could never ever work out that hard at home, or on my own!

87. We have owned our home for 5 years now, and are going to be selling it soon.

86. We will then be moving to Dahlonega, Georgia. i have heard great things!

85. First thing on my list when we relocate to Georgia, plan a trip to visit the Burns family! Oh how i miss them all!

84. I would love to take the kids to Disney world, but not sure what the right age for that is...anyone know that answer?

83. My oldest son has a 100 page scrapbook, i swear it...and my other two kids have nothing. OOPS.

82. Random, I need my car washed.

81. Its raining outside right now, and cold. and i am under a blanket.

80. I complain about not having time to get all my things done, and being so behind, yet my daughter takes a nap, and i try to come up with 100 random things to tell you all!

79. This month, i did not send a care package to my husband. I feel like a bad wife.

78. But my mom sent him 3! that makes me feel better!

77. In the last 4 weeks i have lost 10 lbs.

76. In the next 4 months i hope to lose another 30?? think so? hope so.

75. I am in love with Costco polish dogs! Do you think that will help the weight loss???

74. I have bad circulation or something cause i am always freezing. Laying on the beach, i could get goosebumps, and want to wrap up in a blanket!

73. The smell of bubble gum, like real pink yummy bubble gum can make me vomit. Seriously though, it can.

72. Broccoli is my number one favorite veggie, cauliflower would be a close second! silly right?

71. If you are going to buy me a bottle of wine, i am not adventurous, and have not yet found a liking for the reds, so I would love a nice chilled bottle of Riesling. Thank you!

70. If we are out at a bar or restaurant, i will take a lemon drop martini. Oh yes please! yummy yummy yum!

69. I have 4 speeding tickets on record, but i swear i am a safe driver! I promise. And have hit one car...while parking, in the high school parking lot! I was late for class, and in a hurry, but i promise, again, safe driver!

68. Another note in the car, loud music and singing to the music will drowned out all the million questions being asked by my kids! including my son constantly checking my speed!

67. My husband and I never got to enjoy a honeymoon. Someday soon maybe.

66. I love love painting rooms in my house, always feels fresh, clean and brand new!

65. Every time my husband leaves, I most always have a big house project to surprise him with when he returns. He kinda expects it now!

64. My Starbucks order, Grande non-fat Carmel white mocha please, with no whip. I am working on downgrading to a tall...working on it!

63. And my daughters order, a tall pink drink please! (strawberries and cream frappacino)

62. I have lived in just 3 states. California, Hawaii and Washington.

61. But have lived in 12 houses!

60. I am currently trying to muster up the courage to try CROSSFIT.

59. I am not good with pain. Big baby!!

58. I am still trying to figure out how to get more bloggy followers! Every time i get a new one, i do a little jig!

57. For a quick second i owned my own Sports Bike. Yamaha R6.

56. I took a left turn, and laid it down.

55. I cried on the side of the road while my husband went home to get the car for me!

54. I no longer want to be a biker chick.

53. My husband has owned 4 sports bikes, and is ready to purchase a new one when he returns home. He well deserves it!

52. My sink is full of dirty dishes right now. Yuck.

51. Cookie Dough is a big big weakness of mine. You would be disgusted to see how much i could eat...

50. This is the half way point...

49. Favorite ice cream...Baskin Robbins, gold medal ribbon. Cold stone, cake batter ice cream with cookie dough and oreos. oh mouth drooling!

48. I love milk. love it.

47. My scentsy candle warmers are a must in my house. nothing better than a house always smelling like i am baking cookies! cause, i never am! ha!

46. I do pick my candle scents according to the seasons. There will be no tropical plumeria in my house when it is clearly a snowy day out that calls for some warm caramel vanilla!

45. I am so deathly afraid of the dark. serious.

44. I am in love with big trucks. But have never owned one. want one.

43. I am the worst procrastinator. I run on Kristen time, which always seems to mean me running around with my head cut off at the last minute...and then still being late. i hate it. i am working on that too!

42. I just watched the lamest commercial ever. WOW. lame!

41. I did not enjoy any part of my high school years. not one bit.

40. Why, yes i do still remember my kindergarten teacher, name and face! and the big flowers she always wore in her hair!

39. I secretly really really want to start an etsy shop. But i know i have no time in my life to fit that in. But i really am thinking about how to make it happen.

38. I have replaced gossip mags with my blogs! I love all the blogs i follow, and ready them like the daily paper!

37. I have thought of making a blog anonymously and just being whoever i wanted to be in cyber world... but i love who i am, and what my life is too much!

36. I am a people please. and more times than not, that is an issue.

35. The last concert i went to was 7 years ago...i love concerts. I really need to go to one!

34. I have been wanting a new tattoo for a long while now. My husband hates them. I really really want a new one!

33. I only have one tattoo, and that took about 3 weeks before i regretted it! should that be my sign? no, i would love to have it covered.

32. Reality shows consume me. My guilty pleasures that i love so much...Real housewives! oh love em!

31. Nicholas Sparks is my best tear dropping author!

30. There are no professional sports that i enjoy. none!

29. I had my first sip of an alcoholic beverage at dinner on my 21st birthday. this is true!

28. I hate the rain. Not even at night when its falling on the roof as i sleep. Hate it.

27. I live in a state were it is cloudy an average of 226 days a year. UGH.

26. I love to be overly organized, but still, the procrastination sets in!

25. I talk TOO much!

24. I am a big list makers. Lists for events coming up, shopping lists, to do lists, packing lists. Everything could use a list! and if it is not neat and perfect, i rip it up and start over!

23. I am a horrible cook. Horrible.

22. Good thing my kids LOVE top ramen and grilled cheese! I HAVE perfected that!

21. I broke my arm and was getting a cast put on, on my 16th birthday. and for some reason, i picked the green cast. I later took a sharpie and colored it black!

20. My Mom hated that i colored it black, it was in all our Christmas pictures that year!

19. I constantly am cleaning out clutter...haven't used this this month? ok, its gone. sometimes i go to find something, and forget that i have gotten rid of it. Its bad.

18. Cleaning out the closets make me feel accomplished!

17. But cleaning out the clutter in the garage repulses me.

16. I wish i had more money to decorate the way i REALLY want to. oh i love decorating. but don't like spending the money.

15. I didn't get my drivers licence till I was 18 years old.

14. My first job was as a photographer at The Picture People in the mall! It was a good gig! Shortly after, started working at Safeway as a second job. Yep, I was a cart pusher!

13. Favorite Flower is Tiger lilies.

12. My dream home would be on the beach. white sandy beach somewhere, waking up to the waves crashing outside my window. Ok, maybe not to live, but a vacation home maybe.

11. I love seafood. well, to specify, just the basics! Shrimp, Lobster, Crab! Halibut, and clams! every once in a while a good oyster. But nothing else!

10. I hate pumping gas. And will often just put a quick $20 worth and leave cause i HATE it!!

9. I want new couches real bad right now. Hubby says no, not till we move.

8. I am actually very excited to relocate in the fall to Georgia!

7. 7 has always been my lucky number. Don't know what for, but when in need of choosing a number, 7 will be my pick!

6. I want to own an espresso maker. I think i would save a whole lotta money!

5. I wish i could make drinks like a bartender. They never taste the same at home.

4. I love love love the smells of bbq's in the summer time!

3. Worst cleaning task, cleaning bathrooms and folding laundry! ICK.

2. I big have a big problem with not speaking up for myself. and letting people walk all over me. yup, its true. this too i am working on.

1. I google everything!

Ok, there you have it. If you are still with me here at the end, then i applaud you! Thank you and i hope you don't know too much about me now!
Happy Posting!!


Krissy said...

Happy 100th Post!!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

Oh I love Nicholas Sparks!! Favorite!

Also, I have thought about starting an anonymous blog so I could blog about all the interesting, crazy, ridiculous things that happen in my life that I can't share on my real blog due to who reads it!

#2: me too! i was actually just thinking that this weekend and not just letting people walk all over me and bowing down to people just cause its easier. also, actually standing up for myself when someone is making fun of me and thinking I am insane for one thing or another {like my boss making me feel like I have no taste because I said I have a red couch. my red couch is awesome... what the heck does she know. she hasn't even seen it. but i just got all shy and stupid and didn't stick up for my red couch. haha bad example!}

Babychops96 said...

this is why i love you! i so cant wait til you are in ga!!! miss you!!!

Mrs. Mike said...

Hm... what kind of dog are you planning to be rid of?!