Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday is WW

So Tuesdays is my official Weight Watchers meeting and weight-in...
{{Dun dun dun}
My week was uh, ok.
I did make it to the gym 6 times i think. yeah, i think!
Tried to work my booty a little smaller with every kick, and crunch.
my food intake?
I felt good about my choices this week, with a little upsets here and there.
But mostly good full healthy meals!

I was switching to a different meeting time today, 12pm.
A not so crowded time.
But this means weight in had to come after breakfast, and after morning workout sesh.
All in all, the weeks work was good.
-2.2 this week, and counting!

Blogging this, along with others on the same train right now
will help keep me true to my goals in one extra area of my life.
I have goals, and i want to hold to them.
Expect weekly updates!
I need help being held accountable!

Goals for this week:
use all of my daily points. more healthyness!
8 trips to the gym.
no eating of any packaged/processed foods (my girlfriend did this, this last week and lost 5.4!! amazing right? right!!)

So lets make it happen ladies.
Oh wait, i have to do this all on my own huh?! OK, here goes nothing...or my all!
summer time skinny!!


Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

down 5 pounds just by cutting out processed/packaged foods?!?! wow...

anyway, awesome job on the 2.2! so exciting! keep up the awesome work!

Ali said...

Congrats on your loss, girl!