Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snow tubing!!!

When my studly soldier was home last month we took a day trip up to the slopes!
We took the kids for a thrill riding good time on the tubing slopes!

Tickets are sold in 2 hour time sessions, which is way more time than i would like to be spending outside in these frigged temps.
No joking, the weather was gorgeous actually! The sun was shining, no wind blowing!
Perfectly perfect day to be flying down the snow covered hills!

So you enter, and you grab a tube, whichever strikes you as awesome...
and you pick a line, there are about 9 lanes to sled down,
some look faster, steeper, or maybe a bit longer...
but to us, the choice was which had the shortest line to wait in, DUH!
First time down, mommy and Kaylee went together, daddy and aiden went together!
And we went flying, really! i was screaming and freakin out!
thinking, "seriously, i am going to lose my face when i fall off this thing...and i know its coming"
But all was good, and kaylee was ready to fly solo!
Aiden, not so much! We still wanted to double up, which i was happy with!

At the bottom of the hill they have a cool deal set up, a tube puller thingy that you get hooked to, and pulls you right up the hill.
Well it goes slower than your pet snail, and the line was crazy ridiculous!
Like WHOA! people, just climb the dang mountain already!

So about 3 times down the hill, and trekking back up, oh lordy, get me a gurney!
We were sweating and taking off clothes...what a work out!!

It was an amazing day!
Daddy we love you!


Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

how fun! sounds like an awesome place!

brooke said...

this looks SO FUN!!!! and i cannot believe your moving to georgia but gonna be so far away still!! BOO!!! although i totally envy that town you're going to!! it looks like a perfect postcard town!!! maybe a visit will be in order once you get settled!

Ali said...

I'm not a snow person by any means, but this looks like so much fun.