Friday, January 15, 2010

Tea for 3...

My daughter Kaylee was invited to have a special Tea Party with her girlfriend Abby.
These two ladies could hardly hold their excitement in for their special afternoon together!
Constant chatter of cupcakes, blueberry tea, fancy dresses, and flowers for the table....
they were counting down the days!

So the special day arrived, and Kaylee had her dress laid out ready to go,
paired with glass slippers and pearly necklaces!
We made a stop at the store to pick out a special bouquet of flowers for our hostess...
and a coffee for mommy!!

Oh these little ladies were so stinkin cute!
They dug right in!
Miss Windy had an amazing spread laid out for them,
fruit dishes, pudding cups topped with strawberries and sprinkles, cucumber cream cheese sandwiches, PB&J sandwiches, and cupcakes galore!!
No blueberry tea, but there was Pomegranate tea!

Well the Tea itself did no win the girls over...not so much!
BLEH they said!
that didn't stop them from adding in all the sugar they wanted!
and they ended the party with a craft!

Thank you Miss Windy for hostess this amazing afternoon for the girls!
Abby, you are the stinkin cutest, and Kaylee just loves you like crazy!!


brooke said...

this is ADORABLE!!!! i absolutely love it!!!

Ali said...

Way too cute!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

how adorable! i love it!!

Lisa higuchi said...

ok so im still way jealous! haha!
loved catching up on the blogs! which is so weird i didnt see them since i was just on here! but whoot whoot..four pounds down! keep at it =] your an inspiration =]