Sunday, January 17, 2010

Georgia bound.

Yes, the Yost family is moving to Georgia!
Excited much?!
Soon after this deployment, we will be finding a new place to call home.

My husband has received orders for his next job.
A Ranger Instructor at the Mountains phase of Ranger School.
In Dahlonega, Georgia.
Way up in the country!

In his 9 year army career, this will be our very first move ever.
Though Washington is home for both he and I, we are welcoming this move,
and excited for some change.
Most importantly, this new job offers 3 non deploy able years together!
And i will take that over anything else right now and always.
Lots of family time!

nervous, scared, anxious...
I am all of thee above about a big life change!
I hear Dahlonega is a gorgeous place with wonderful schools..
oh, and some fabulous winery's...oh I'm sold!

So for the remainder of this deployment, my focus will be to
first figure out what we are going to be doing with our home,
and then get it ready for whatever that may be,
Renting, or Selling...
Both are very scary to me.
and nothing is ever simple.
That dang EASY button is nowhere to be found, seriously.
So i better get a move on it, i have lots to do...

UMMM...does anyone know exactly where i am supposed to start???

I will just move in right here!


Ali said...


I am so happy you guys are happy.

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

how exciting!! congratulations!