Tuesday, November 3, 2009

everyday is a new day...

Everyday I think, oh today, i am going to blog
and read, and comment and write new posts...
and get on with my bad writing self...

Uh, then i remember that i am getting Aiden up and wake...
making breakfast, and lunch for him,
then off to the school bus...

Just in time for Kaylee bear to wake up, needing food,
followed by the smiley Riley!
Needing a butt change...ugh...

Oh, shoot, then time is tickin, and mom needs to eat real quick
cause we are off to the gym...hurry hurry...i am going to be late...

Then i am sweating and gross,
feeding lunch, laying Riley down for a nap.
Jumpin in a 5 min shower.
dressed, blow dry my hair for 2 minutes(this makes it damp, not soakin!)

And amazingly, nap time is over, and Riley is awake...
By this time it is noon and i am already exhausted,
and want to go to bed, and try again tomorrow!!

This Saturday ladies and gentlemen,
I am having a night out!!
What you ask?!
Yes, my FIRST kid free night out with the lovely ladies
since my husband has deployed.
Its been almost 4 months, and what the hey?! i am done!
Get me outta this house!!
and onto the dance floor of coarse!!

So maybe this is the night i need
to putt the pep back in my step! ha!
Ok but really!! everyday is a new day!!

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Gina Murphy said...

I know it sounds cliche, but enjoy it and savor it. I miss it.