Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...this next fight...

Will be the fight of the century!
Ha, ok, well maybe just for mom!
But Aiden did awesome on his fight night!

The whole night was so amazing for him
Jarrod and Aiden were treated just like all the other fighters
They sat thru the rules meeting,
they were given their VIP FIGHTER passes,
they had their hands tapped up like real fighters!
And when their fight was up,
they had their names announced and walked out to
music to set the mood.

His night was perfect,
Though he didnt forget for a second
the biggest thing he was missing that night,
We are all missing,
Our daddy.
But videos and pictures are on their way to him!
your little prodigy, making you proud!!

We love everyone at this training center,
and thank them all for these special moments.

Aiden and his coach, Lisa Ward.