Monday, June 29, 2009

weekend update...

so quick update on my last post...
it made for a tough week.((hince the lack of blogging))
crying is exhausting. this is true.
Thank you for all the comments, all you mommys!
as for our kids...they got talked to, grounded, punished.
We discussed what was wrong...and thought of solutions to make it never happen again.
which comes down to mama not sleeping some more!
simple right?! i thought so.
We will never forget this experience...

Now to our weekend, it was packed busy, great amazing and fun...and long!
Lisa (my sister) had a luau style graduation party...
also known as a all day food feast! yum!
leftovers, double yum!

We spent two nights at our cabin on the water at Hood Canal.
the best summer retreat
Family started to arrive from California...
For our annual 4th of July Celebration/family reunion.
Cannot wait. Also, another all day food feast! Yum!
The weather was gorgeous, and perfect. Water nice and calm, stars twinkling at night!

This awesome couple came out to spend a night and day with us...

...joined us out on Hood Canal Sunday night
Bonfire, smores...(a screaming Riley) and a good time!
Yes, Good Times!!
Monday they went on a spin on the boat, and we went out for some lunch and drinks by the water at Alderbrook...
just a little resort&spa with views for miles!!
Thanks to the Rabidous for the good company!
and a perfect way to start our week!
Its gonna be a brighter week!


brooke said...

oh hun!! i am sorry you had to bawl your eyes really DOESN'T ever get easier huh...nope not so much!!

i am so glad you have your family and friends to surround you though...and yeah the lakehouse cabin not so shabby indeed!

RCaitlin said...

Sounds fun! I love family reunions!

Amber said...

Glad you had such a great weekend too! That cabin set up really does sound fab. :)