Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hello Friends!

Well I am not too sure about this blog right now, but it sounded fun, so we are going to give it a shot! I am reminded more times than not that we are bad at updating people on our lives; from our day to day doings, what and where Josh is, and how the kids are, and most importantly PICTURES!! So i am going to re committ myself to updated this blog whenever the urge may strike! Once a week we will try to shoot for. We will see how it goes! Trial and Error right?! So please forgive me, I am a newbie!

So lets do a breif over-cap of US! Here are some highlights!
Summer is now coming to an end, but we enjoying every moment of it together! We went on a camping trip at Cape Lookout, Oregon. It was great weather, and beautiful sites! The kids swam in the ocean and made sand castles with Dad! Miley, our puppy enjoyed the sand just as much as the kids!
We all enjoyed the company from our many visiting cousins from California at the begining of the summer, and had a blast of a 4th of July celebration with them all! And we miss them so much! Here in Washington, close by us there is a new vacation spot! The Great Wolf Lodge! It is a hotel with a indoor water park! We love people who love to honor military families, so we booked a room, and had a blast! We spent two whole days, from open to close in the waters and on the slides! They keep it a toasty 83 degrees in there, and the water is so nice! Its a gorgeous hotel and the water park is for hotel guest only, so the crowd is very minimal! WE cant wait to go back! Josh was away a whole lot this summer doing numerous training events, but was awarded 2 vacation times in return for their times away. Aiden and Kaylee are attached to his back, just like little monkeys the second he walks in the door, REALLY! Aiden played flag football for his first season this summer, and loved it! He says that he likes "blocking" the most. He likes the idea that he is allowed to be pushing some other boy I guess! #2!! He started kindergarten last week, and rides the school bus proudly to school everyday! Kaylee is just a story of her own! With her long long hair, and her big attitude, in her little princess body, she knows how to grab the attention in the room. She spends so much time at her desk drawing masterpieces, and writing letters. And her other time bossing people around! They are both growing so fast, next month Kaylee will be turning 4, and in December Aiden will be turning 6! Yikes! Josh and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary this summer also! The best is yet to come right?! We know it! Oh and I did my very first Triathlon this summer! Seattles Escape from the Rock, in Mercer Island. It was a 1/2 mile swim, then a 12 mile bike, followed by a 2 1/2 mile run to the finish line! I did it with 3 girlfriends that were amazingly great support, from begining to end! The training was the best part, spending time together, and collecting your thoughts on the long bike rides we did together! Love them! Thanks Ladies! So my finish time was 1:51:05. It was the greatest feeling to come across the finish line knowing that i was still alive!! And Josh standing there cheering me on! We hope to sign up for 2 next year! Who wants to come along?! You can accomplish anything you put your mind to!
Thanks for stopping in and reading up on us. I know we are not the best at keeping in touch with everyone, but I hope this is a away to keep me on better track! Keep peeking in to read more coming! We Love you all!

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The Masters said...

YEY!!! Welcome Welcome! I am so excited that you have a blog now! Just one more way to keep in touch!

P.S. I love your background..it is one of my favorites!