Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gloomy Saturday, Beautiful Scenery

Well today we started to see Fall roll on in! The morning started gloomy, and misty with some showers. The showers faded by noon, but stayed overcast all day. Typical Washington for you.

Today we had a Smith Family reunion at a farm home close to us in Olympia. Now, my family believes that everyone as far back as you can go, and then branch out is still as good as your sister! So it was great to see family from near and far, new faces, and familiar ones! New baby additions, and newly engaged! Aiden made a new friend with Xander, they just attached, and I didn't see him, till it was time to go! No pictures at all! But Kaylee spent the time with me and her Aunties and Uncle. They have 4 horses on the farm, we spent some time with them, and feeding apples! There were rows and rows of colorful flowers, pumpkins, tomatoes, and whatnot's. Some fun climbing trees, and just a good time! We had a great time enjoying the first days of our fall weather, and the company of family! Enjoy our slide show with a couple shots of the day!

And earlier this week, Aiden got a new smile! The dentist pulled his second top front tooth! Pretty silly smile!

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lisa82591 said...

Hey, i love this whole blog thing, i dont have myspace obviously so its a good way to keep up! Love the pics from today! fun fun! Aiden looks ridiculously old. Love you guys! cant wait to see the next update! ~Lisa