Monday, February 27, 2012

oh to be organized...

Lately I have been feeling like I need to get daily life in a better routine.
Cause 5 kids, {currently with wrestling, soccer and baseball}
and a busy working dad is making this mom a little ragged.

So, i think, i need a better calendar. a clear way to layout our busy schedule, from one child to the next, and all the things each individual person has going on.

I think, i need to assign work more clearly to each member of this family to help take the stress away from the 'nagging'....the constant, 'do this', 'do that'....and the awesome 'YOU KNOW YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO THIS'....that's my favorite. day after day.

And whats my plan you ask?
Uh, Pinterest, DUH!
search for awesome print ables.
search for different chore chart ideas.
Reward system? and what type...
To look cute? or basic...

My favorites.

and this is why today, I am not any closer to a smoothly managed household.
Its still crazy. But maybe tomorrow?

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