Monday, February 6, 2012


My little girl is growing into her own Picasso.
Tonight she worked on the masterpieces of her 'Brown period'
please. mothers of little children, use your best imagination.......
.......and YUP, there ya go.
You figured it out. didn't take much right?

This collection.
{yes collection is the correct term, cause it was not one. nor was it just a pair...}
it was in 2 bedrooms.
walls. and carpets.
lovely I Hurled. {about 10 times}

My husband is out in the woods tonight on one of many.way too many 36 hour shifts.
They call it a 'WALK'.
Meaning he leaves at 4am today, and will return home 11am{ish} tomorrow.
These nights that he is away....they are never dull.
Always something to keep you on your toes in this house.

My daughter is very proud of herself.
She was smiley, and wanted to show me what she did,
and wanted to explain why she was messy.gag

in the end...
I owe my two big kids a big big treat.
Because along with waiting on me for dinner,
they were stuck with 2 screaming.crying.unhappy. baby boys.
And they were stuck with them, and no help for a long while...
While I was in the processes of packaging up,
and auctioning off my daughters million dollar one of a kinds.

Please. please. let sleep come quickly for these little boys and mommy tonight.

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