Friday, June 17, 2011

too little time...

Busy busy busy...will things ever slow down in my house?!

My husband had a week off of work, and i took the chance to hop on a plane and fly back to Washington to see my little brother graduate high school!
As a sister, its to emotional and exciting to see the last in the family get up and walk across the stage, and to celebrate with everyone!
As a mom, i cannot imagine what the feeling will be like to see my last child graduate from high school, and be moving on, leaving the protection and guidance of mom and dad...
Luckily this is still 10 years away for my first, and 19 years for the twins{i think}!

I was in Washington for 3 days, and i didn't want to come home! But, alas, I am a sucker for the husband and kids, and rushed home to spend the last says of his vacation together as a family!

We took a last minute {like booked the hotel at 8pm} trip to a lake resort nearby.
No long car rides, no road trip hassle...
Just an hour away, and still a perfect getaway for us!
This resort has a full lake side water park, and the kids loved it,
and this pregnant mama put on a swim suit and had fun splashing and staying cool too!

We did get trapped in a huge thunderstorm while eating dinner in a lake side outdoor restaurant!
We were hoping for a sunset dinner, followed by a firework show...
What we did get?
crappy crappy slow service.
crappy crappy food.
pouring rain. pounding thunder, and the night sky light up with lightning!
The kids were scared {HA, mom was scared!}
Everyone was cold...
BUT, it was an adventure all in together!!

The next morning, the water park fun started again with gorgeous skies,
and fun fun fun!!!
Last time we will have a family of 5 getaway...
last time we will have a family getaway of any kind for a long long time....

Happy Friday!

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