Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yes, yes, touchdown for my family!!
The ultrasound today showed us 2 baby BOYS!
{and the room explodes with excitement!!!}

Deeply, this is what my husband and I both wanted!
I was going with positive thinking,
and have been thinking of them as boys, calling them boys,
only window shopping for boy things...boy names...
and i even wore BLUE today for the big ultrasound!

So there ya have it!
The planning begins!
My husband knows I will soon start nagging him to help get a room together.
But this also means my oldest son needs to move out of his room,
for it to be turned into the nursery....
so this task will be hard, but i have plans! Oh do i have plans!

did you hear, 2 BOYS!!!
...and let the shopping begin please!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Yes let the shopping begin...wait it has already begun! I love it and cant wait to see pictures of the nursery!