Friday, October 8, 2010

So much to say...but not enough motivation

Well who would have guessed that once again, i take a huge hiatus?!
hey its happens right? RIGHT?!

Although at this moment i know i am not ready to dedicate myself into blogging daily, i felt like writing something.
Even if just for myself, and no one else is left still reading...
i feel like writing... a list of sorts...a follow up of my summer...

My husband returned
-this manipulates most all of my time, mainly cause i want it to!!
-happy happy happy family together!!
Trip to Vegas
-outstanding! 5 days with no children to act like an adult, relax like an adult and love on my husband and be surrounded by great friends!! maybe one day some pictures will be posted!
A million summer weddings..
-ok, only 4, but really 4 can easily feel like a million!! 4 couples sharing a wonderful day, and putting on some fantabulous parties!
House frustrations-
in process of moving to Georgia, to our next duty station and needing to get our house rented out to a nice family...not going so well...

So to sum it all up for ya'll...
We had an amazing summer together.
fun times, great people! We didnt want to see it end.
As we stand now...
a little homeless.
We are moved out of our home, its up for rent, but no renters.
My husband has moved on to Georgia to sign in for his new job.
and we had to stay behind to wait for renters.
We are staying with my parents...which can be very tough on a mommy and 3 kids.
We are displaced, and just missing our daddy right now!

So once again, we are waiting to be together and be a family again!!
ergh...hate this game. someone come rent my house!
thats all for now.

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Your blog is super adorable :)