Monday, May 3, 2010

starbucks...sniffle sniffle...

Happy Monday! oh wait, monday is just ending.
well i hope everyone started their week off on the right foot!

I decided to start my week with a NO SUGAR challenge.
So me and a girlfriend are going to support each other...
to the best that we can...without screaming for some ice cream!!
for 2 weeks with no sugar.

So today was not so bad.
I just have this pounding headache from no coffee.
which is kinda making me grumpy right now.
...but hey, i was looking for ways to save some extra money!
I did my grocery shopping, it was tough. but i am set!

2 weeks with no sugar will be amazing.
Not to me mentally, but to my body physically! DUH!
So we shall see!

Now, here are some snapshots from Rileys birthday party!

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Color Me Beautiful said...

awww...the cutest 1-year-old ever! soo bitter sweet. gotta love that girly!