Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Highlights.

Its the end of my friday evening, and what an awesome friday it was!
So lemme just break it down for you all...
in order of days events

*Waking up to Sunshine! gorgeous sunshine, Loves it!
sunshine can change ones outlook to the day, entirely.

*Skype starts ringing, My Hunny!!
its the beginning of my day, and the end to his, so I get to wish him safe sweet dreams!
about me of course

*....loading the kids in the car...and postman walks up to me, with a box!
MY CAMERA!!! what what!! huge smiles, huge!

*days workout as scheduled, 1/2 mile swim at the gym.
22 minutes, not bad, but wanting to shave it down to 16.
i have 13 more weeks till the triathlon to make this happen!

*because the sun is shining bright, plan a lunch date at the park with fabulous friends! my little miss loves the swing, and has a heart breaking laugh!
starbucks, friends, play time for kids, and sunshine!

*get call from my mom, Aiden is invited to go to a Mariners baseball game tonight!
So he gets picked up early from school, and having a sleepover at grandmas! awesome!

*Giant delicious spinach salad for an early dinner...oh and i am stuffed!
and.....this is me taking a quick rest while Riley takes her nap...just rested for a minute, i am a busy lady! Ha!

*and then, we load up and head to Ms Amys house for the dreaded firsttimeever 5 mile run. and its on!! oh its on!
Biggest High of my day, possibly my whole week...
I accomplished a 5 mile run non-stopping.
and i did it in 51 minutes!
Woop Woop! happy dance, happy dance!

If I did not have my amazingly supportive (freepersonaltrainer) pushing, and strong willed friend, be so dedicated to pushing me to my ultimate limits...
honestly, my butt would still be on the couch!
I will forever be thankful for her!!

*then we ended the night with a little bit of dinner, and mostly me cooling down...cause it took a long while!

*ending with my sister coming over for the night...long talks into the midnight hours!

Loved this friday!
hope yours was just as fabulous!!


Ali said...

Yeah, I'd say you had a perfect Friday! Love it. And congrats on running 5 in 51! Amazing.

College Student Out said...

You forgot to add coldstones duh