Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday monday...lala...lalalala

So its a Monday.
I have a headache. Like a throbbing one, right here in the center of my forehead.
I am going to go out on a limb here and say its cause its a Monday...
cause really, i have no other reasons, and nothing else to talk about!

Tomorrow is Tuesday, the dreaded weight in.
I am about to have my 3pm today...
why? because weight in is tomorrow. i need time for things to settle...
and stuff..

This morning, on the treadmill, i did my 3 miles!
I know this may sound silly, but i am a new runner, and i am trying to like it.
but uh, hello, running sucks!
So anyways, my 3 miles, today was my best to date, and i finished in 36 minutes.
Ok, all you running ladies go ahead and laugh at me, but it felt great!
I was dancing and screaming (in my head, so the don't kick me out)
and i am so very proud of myself.
(mostly because i did this without my vicious trainer amazing friend by my side cheering me and motivating me along)
So cheers to that!

Mu daughter is napping, and my house needs a cleaning...
and my head throbs a little more. UGH.
Happy Monday Ladies!


Babychops96 said...

i pulled a muscle at the gym today ... because its monday :) love ya!

Michelle said...

I think running is something that you are either born to love or born to hate. And I try to run, I really do, but no matter how much I try, I still hate it all the same. So I completely empathasize with you! ;)

Ali said...


I am anti-running, so I totally feel your pain. I do love the treadmill though. Give me a bottle of water and my Us Weekly and I am good. To. GO.

Hope your headache is gone gone gone!

Jessi said...

I am an anti-runner too. As much as I try I just cannot enjoy it. Hope your weigh in goes good today and no more headaches!