Monday, January 25, 2010

oh the gym, how i love thee

so its Monday, and i have absolutely no motivation to do anything at all!
But the gym! it wins me over!
why does it win me over? do i enjoy getting my sweat on, and smelling the stench?
yah that would be a no! I am not gonna lie folks, i HATE the exercise part!
Just hate it!

But let me count the ways my love grows for this place...
1. Daycare!
yah did you read that, daycare! I am a stay at home mommy, i hear the word mommy way too much in a day, snacks, lunch, toys, cleaning, diaper changing..oh my head. it hurts! But walk into the gym, walk right up the stairs and drop the kids off at the place they love so so much, the kids club! So this mama says, yes, we are going to the gym! hurry, in the car!

2. Lordy have you seen the eye candy at the gym lately? oh there are many many amazing sights to feast your eyes on! And it is the beginning of a new year which means all those resolution setting people are in it to win it! Oh the things you will see at the gym. And you don't even have to try! Can we say blinders anyone?! yah, seriously!

3. The social time!
Yes i know this is the gym, and not Starbucks, but i don't get out that much and sometimes my social time is only dosed in gym form! taking classes, and getting chit chatty with all the ladies, or just having a walking date with my girlfriend, and walking, and she yells at me to run! Bottom line is, i get to talk to "TALL" people, adults, and they talk back to me, without asking me to make them top Ramon!

4. The sauna/steam room.
Ladies this may be close to the only spa treatment i get all year, and its just right there waiting for me after i am done working out. If i have the time penciled in, then the steam room is a great place to me to sit in silence and collect my thoughts! no kids, phone calls or emails can interrupt me there, and so that is the place i want to be!

5. Ok ok, the exercise!
Yes, going to the gym Monday through Friday mornings, and twice on Mondays and Wednesdays...i cant say that i don't have goals, and that i am working my booty off trying to achieve those goals. That i am! Sometimes my butt is not pushing as fast or as hard as it should be, but the exercise is the main deal that drives me there day in and day out! dedication and i may reach those goals on planned date!! Not gonna say that i don't moan and groan and cry and whine, cause i do! Oh i do! But i love it!

Oh Ballys,
My kid free time of the day, watching all the "uniqueness" walking by, catching up on the daily gossips, sweating my fat off, and cooling down...
This is why I do love you!


Ali said...

A positive gym post. That's like an oxymoron to some, but not to you! I love it.

Mrs. Mike said...

I hate the gym. I dont like working out around other people, I hate the thought of someone actually seeing me! It's just embarrassing. I mean if I looked like Barbie and could bend like a gymnast then sure I would go and strut myself... but I dont and I cant haha

I have a WiiFit... and it kicks my butt every morning. The "free step" thing is cool too, cause it counts your steps and is 30 minutes long but you can switch the input and watch your favorite soap opera while doing it! The controller just plays a ticking beat to keep you moving!