Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I feel like every time i come around,
i am restating the thought that i am recommitted at this moment.

So lets just say we are over and done with that...
who knows what tomorrow or the next day holds for me
and my crazy neurotic mind.
I am here right here and right now alone.

So as everyone is gearing up for the major thanksgiving feast,
followed by the insanity that is Black Friday to work off
all that you over indulged in the night before...
I cannot wait!!
Not so much that there is a major steal out there
that i am ready to camp out for,
But for the amazing entertainment that is watching insane ladies
fight for insane items! Oh and it only comes once a year!
How i love this time of year!

But on a much brighter note, a countdown that is much needed
involves my family becoming complete again!
or at least complete for 14 amazing days!
My husbands mid tour leave is scheduled for DEC 13.

I have chosen to not announce this to the kiddos,
as little hearts hurt the worst if promises are broken.
But when the day comes, and we load in the car,
and go for a trip to the airport, just cause it sounds fun...
I will be ready to attach my man, and watch my kids go daddy crazy!!

I wish you all the best holiday feast,
and to all your black friday fanatics,
stay safe, and sane!! and go get those steals!

This is the BEST time of the year!!


Michelle said...

so happy your hubby is coming home!!! and I am looking forward to watching the insanity that is black friday too! LOL Have a happy thanksgiving!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

so excited for you it makes me a little choked up! haha... must be in a sentimental mood.

hope you are able to capture a couple pictures of the surprise at the airport... those kinds of pictures are just priceless!

Happy Thanksgiving!!