Tuesday, October 13, 2009

another attempt to return to life

What?! Whos a bad blooger?
'Not I'. says the Fox.
Does that previous post date really say the 2nd?
Yikes. Ok ok, i will accept the worst blogger award at this time...
thank you thank you.

I have not blogged cause i don't want to start typing away at another sad love song.
I feel like its kinda been over played lately.
Not gonna lie, the temptations are there...egging me on to just cry to you all.
But i must hold strong, and i must push forward.
Or you all might just up and leave me!!

So, on the agenda...
Aiden is off to school already,
Mommy, Kaylee and Riley are ready to hit the gym.
Only, mommy is the only one that gets her sweat on.
I am working towards goals.
First goal coming sooner than we think in December!
Woop Woop!
This is the said time for R&R (15 days for mid-tour leave for my husband)

I must not only monopolize my time so i don't kill myself with sadness,
But i must put my time and energy into something good.
I need to take my being, and harvest the energy to use my time,
in stead of wait for time to pass.

Kaylee will be turning 5 next week! Yikes!!
And Riley will be 6 months old at the end of the month!
For this reason alone, i need to slow down, and enjoy the things around me.
Truly. For the last 3 months, i have more so than not,
just watched things float on by me.


- said...

i was wondering where you went!! :) i too am learning to not ust let time pass me by right now...my son will be one in a week...really where did the time go??

Miller Racing Family said...

You said it so wonderful. I think we do get caught up in the things around us that sometimes life almost seems to pass us by. Thanks for the reality check! Have a great day!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

i am still going to be here reading your blog even if you need to post sad thoughts for awhile. like i've said before, i don't even begin to imagine how hard this must be for you. you are an inspiration.

try to be strong but remember that its okay to not be sometimes too. still love your blog and will keep reading no matter what type of posts you need to write!