Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thank you Miss Janae!

I have had a lack of things to talk about...thus...lack of blogging!
Buuuutt...just to get back in the swing of things, i received a gorgeous award
from Janae over at McDonough Family Life
She awarded me this fabulous piece

Please click on over to her place and read up...
Especially read up on her love affair with Mrs. Dash!
Thank you Janae for thinking of me! I am blushing!!

In other news in my house...
Its been a crazy place, and a boring place all in one!

I had a septic tank overflow...water pipe break in my front yard!
This was exciting news. Only because we did think it was the septic...
which eww is gross i know...but also is very very expensive...
But as we dug, it turned out to be a small leak in a pipe.
This amazing man...Mr. Andy Acton...
Came over after his already long hot day of work
and worked on fixing my pipe not once, but twice, 2 evenings of work!
All for little ol' me!
He loves me, he really truly loves me!
Ok, well he is an amazing husband to a even more fabulous AMY!
Thank you again Acton family for bailing me out!

I returned my not so in love Nikon of a camera...
And got this shiny cutesy Sony Cybershot!

I have not put dedicated time into it yet...
But so far, i am far far impressed on what its got to give!
Stay tuned, and i might just share a shot or two with you!

And those very shots may just be of my son, Aidens new and improved bedroom.
We are in process of a makeover in there!
Happy Tuesday Evening to you all!!


Miller Racing Family said...

Our septic tank got struck by lighting in May so I know what you mean about expensive and hoping something else was wrong. Glad it was only a pipe. I can't wait to see photos from the new camera.
Have a great day!

Debra said...

Congratulations on winning Michelle's Pay It Forward giveaway! :)

Mrs. Mike said...

I just got that same camera! In the pink too of course! (or Cranberry as the salesman kept correcting me) We deserve it.