Monday, August 31, 2009

Sleepy heads...

Summer is wrapping up here,
and school is just around the corner.
school clothes are purchased, supplies done, hair cuts squared away...
bedtime routine, and morning wake ups?
Yah, not our favorite at all!

Summer is just so amazingly allows for
late nights, sleep ins and lazy mornings!
ALL that we are not wanting to give up right now!

School is in 9 days...
so we are starting to START the routine.
last night, bedtime at 8pm. They were asleep by 9pm!
First child up this morning, Aiden at 8:45am!
Yikes! And this is a super yikes since he will be boarding that bus at 7:47am!!
double yikes!!
Tonight = bedtime at 7:45.
Tomorrow morning, you ask?
well we have a doctors appointment to make, so we will rise and SHINE
and dress, and eat, and head out the door in a timely manner
as quickly as we can cause i am certain, no one will rise as early as we should!

I swear it though, starting Wednesday,
I will get my booty up, and start our day.
We will learn to LOVE survive the early mornings!!!

And yes, this little one, she does love the sleepy mornings too!
Its in the Yost blood i tell ya!
Just like their daddy!
and uh...a little bit a' me!


Mrs. Mike said...

she is so sweet! school started in this house yesterday (monday). thankful both me and maks slept through the whole 'hoopla' of the morning and got up on our own time later :D

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Early mornings are always the hardest! Good luck with that!!


Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

well i don't have kids yet and i am done with school but i still know what you mean... i have been out of a job for 4 months now and I know that once i find one, it is going to be impossible to get back into an early morning routine!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a precious picture. So peaceful. Oh, how I hate early mornings. We are usually up at 6:40 and then I have the boys out the door by 6:50. Can you tell we are not morning people.
I hope your routine gets better soon.