Monday, August 10, 2009


Happy Monday everyone.
There is nothing better than a lazy morning to start your week off...right?
Or maybe it's setting me up for a week filled with getting nothing accomplished?!
Well, we have lots of time on our hands, so there is room for lazy Monday mornings!
We may, or may not still be in our jammies right now at 11:40am.
And I may or may not have made cinnamon rolls for breakfast Brunch at 10:45am!
This was convenient since right after this, Riley went down for her first nap of the day! And we continue to lounge!

Yesterday was a furious school clothes shopping day!
Ok, we may have only made 3 store stops...
But one mommy, a 6 year old boy trying to walk play his DS...
a 4 year old fashionista that wants every single item in the whole store...
and DOES NOT throw a fit when mommy VETO'S items i don't like...
and a Riley girl**3 months old, that wants nothing to do with anything that involves her being a good little baby for us!!

Um. this kinda makes things difficult, just a tad.
But we managed to get lots of awesome deals...
buy one get one free...20% coupons...$10 bucks cards...
We sealed the deal with all coupons...
and decided to put shoes on the calendar for another day!
Yes a completely fed up Riley had lots to do with our shopping day ending!
I was also ok with calling it a day!

I would post pictures of my sons new room...but i am not too thrilled at the moment with the way my new camera is working. I am trying, i really am trying to be happy with this SONY this time. It is a cute thing, and has taken cute trial pictures, but just not happy with the pictures inside my house. I will blame it on bad lighting...or something like that! So here is a shot of my fav part of the project. Aidens name!

Aiden picked out the whole thing...the style of each letter at the craft store, then he picked all the paper out at the scrappin' store...and found the goodies to put on them around the house...and then the mommy put it all together for the end results!

one more picture...Riley had some squash for a little treat for the first time! She was not so sure about this foreign foods being in her mouth, but she was happy to smile a big one for me to capture!

lighting folks, i am going to blame this on lighting! but there is some squash in her mouth, and on it...and all around!

Happy Monday!


- said...

Ok so first I absolutely love the huge smile Riley is giving!! She is just too big!! My gosh!! And Aiden's name too cute!! Love it! Miss you!! Still thinking Space-A?!?! LOL

Mrs. Mike said...

Squash is Maks favorite! And now steamed bites of carrots.
And I LOVE Aidens name! How did you do that?! Maks room at my moms house is a complete americana theme so that would look awesome in his room too.
Next time you need to go shopping I wouldnt mind tagging along and helping with that beautiful girl ;-)
Maks needs a cute girlfriend.

Miller Racing Family said...

Riley is so cute, I love the photo.
I am also super impressed by your handy work on Aiden's name.
Hope you have a great week!

Krissy said...

The letters turned out great! And I'm loving the big toothless grin!