Thursday, July 30, 2009

Serious folks....

This is really all i have to say...WOW!!
So this is my view as we are driving to our final destination...
The lake!
I know its the appropriate place to be heading to with
the kiddos on a day like this...
But this really made me think,
"what the heck am i thinking getting out of my car right now?!"
it was a nice chillin 60degrees inside my car...why torture myself?!
But for the sake of my children having fun,
and me wanting to keep my sanity for the day,
We spend a whole 6 hours at the lake!
Yes, i set up under the only tree there, and never sat in the sun...
But we all splish splashed and enjoyed the water all day long!
For you ladies that live in Hotter than Hot states...
Oh deary, you are strong women!! For i would die!!


Shawn said...

I tell ya I could sit in the hot Florida sun and bake for hours, I love it!

What a good Mom you are!

Miller Racing Family said...

I totally love that photo. Isn't it amazing what a mommy sees in the rear view mirror.
Have a great day, let's hope you get some relief from the heat!

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Props to you for going to the lake in the heat!

And we're relieved for 100 degrees, by the way. :) This week it's only supposed to be in the 90's, and we are in heaven!! It was 112 a couple weeks ago, and 2 weeks straight of 100+

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

We just don't go OUTSIDE!!!!