Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Results are in...

Aiden took first place in his Brazilian jujitsu Tournament!!
I am so proud of my little tough man!
He put on his game face, and went for it!
Now i was video taping, and i am not that skilled to post a video on here...
No not so much!
But it was fun and exciting, and my hands were shaking
as i started to tear up...
hey, cut me some slack, I sucked it up, and tried to hide it!
So i have some not so amazing quality photos to share of the fights...
((Click on it to Enlarge))
Our Champ is the shirtless one...
This was just his first tournament, so i think i am allowed to be all
Mama over emotional!
Here are some celebration shots...
He got this over sized adult shirt as part of his winners goodie bag..
Yes it looks like a brand new night time shirt,
but he just had to had to wear it right away!
I am not gonna argue with that smile!!

Aiden and Daddy

Aiden and Coach Lisa

Aiden and Uncle Danny

Coach Eddie

And Aunty Lisa!!

And then, don't forget the victory trip to Dairy Queen for the whole family!


RCaitlin said...

Oh that is so cute! Your little boy is just adorable! I'm so glad he one...tell him congrats!

Miller Racing Family said...

What great photos. You can brag all you want, your a mom and it is your right. I love the last photo with the medal, DQ and ice cream on the face, to cute.
Have a great day!