Saturday, June 13, 2009

She did it!!

Although the speeches were pretty dang BORING ((super yawn))...
The tears were still pouring for my little sister
aka Aunty Lisa or Nay-nay to Aiden&Kaylee
Yes she did it, she made it, the high school years are
OVER, and behind her!
Friday June, 12 she became a high school graduate
from Shelton High School.
Actually thanks to her awesomeness doing running start...
((which is a program where high schoolers are given the chance
to also take classes at the local community colleges
to earn credits for both high school, and college at the same time.))
...she was able to be done in February.
Awesome right?
So we love her, and we cheered and cried, and all that nonsense
...that is love!!
Remember, this is just the start to all things wonderful!

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lisa82591 said...

So..i totally didnt cry at graduation but reading this made me tear up! haha