Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Riley Marie Yost

Well she is finally here! Well, finally, but she arrived 4 weeks before her due date! Heres the recap of her arrival!
Wednesday, April 29, while having lunch with Amy and the kids, we decide together that my water has broken, and we start the phone alerts!
We get the kids ready to take some laps around the neighborhood to get things going, and send Aiden off on the school bus to get to school.
Dad arrives home from work, and we clean the house, and pack bags while waiting for Grandma and Aunty Lisa to arrive at our house!!
So now that i am content with a clean house, Josh and I load up, and are on our way!!
Arriving at the hospital, being examined, the doc determines that "Yes, We are having a baby!"
Then Aiden and Kaylee come up to the hopsital with Grandma and Aunty Lisa to hear the word that shortly our new bundle will be arriving, and they could not be any more excited!!
So Aiden and Kaylee get sent home, and Grandma, Aunty Lisa, and Dad are all set to buckle down for the long haul. Which turned out to be quite boring actually!!
Thankfully we had come with some movies in hand, and all got comfy and tried to handle the wait.
It took 21 hours, ((and 3 hospital shift changes)), to go from 2 centimeters dilated, to 10 centimeters! After checking into the hospital at 1pm on Wednesday April 29, Riley arrived at 9:05am, Thursday, april 30!!
First words besides tears from everyone, was "OH MY!! SHE IS HUGE!!"
Riley Marie Yost was 7lbs, 15oz and 20 1/2 inches in length.
With a beautiful full set of hair, and cheeks just screaming to be kissed!!
Due to her being born at just 36 weeks, we were told we needed to stay a minimun of 2 days there. We were finally able to go home Saturday night at 7pm. It was a long long stay, but everyone came home healthy and happy!
Aiden and Kaylee are just thrilled to have their baby sister home with us and to be a new family of 5!
We are having our visitors come and go, lots of wonderful gifts, and we thank everyone for their well wishes!
More pictures will come shortly, but these are the few we have now!

Yes, They did dress themselves! They wanted to look their sharpest for meeting their baby sister! Aiden is wearing his christmas shirt, with his reindeer tie!! He is such a little gentleman!

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