Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One month...

Aiden, Kaylee and I just returned home from dropping joshua off at work. His company will be boarding their planes, and heading down to NTC at Fort Irwin, California tonight. They will be training there in what we have now found out is a "Afghanistan" setting. So they will be down there doing what they do, and they are scheduled to return home on March 8. All cell phones are prohibited, and were left behind. They may be able to use a calling card in the last 10 days being there, but we are not counting on it. The word will be spread when they are officially heading home. And we will count down the days! Aiden and Kaylee want to make a chain-link countdown, fun things they learn in school! This will be fun and exciting for them, but may pose struggles for me when he sets to leave for 12 months. We will see.
First thing tomorrow on our agenda is a baby check up at the doctors for mom. Aiden and Kaylee will be joining me to listen to our baby girls strong heartbeat! Keep everyone posted!

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