Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful joyous Holiday! Lets first start by talking about this amazing snow here! So we think our total amount here was 18 inches-ish... Here is my bench in the backyard, on the first day of snow....
And then my bench on the third day of snow.... By the third day I just wanted the snow to magically disappear! But it somehow kept coming, and coming, which we are not used to up here! But it was managable. Miley had fun prancing around, and sinking, and buring herself!
So by now, 11 days after it started, the snow is very much still here, with unplowed roads and snowmans of all sorts, but it started to melt away! Thank you snow, it took away the power in my house on my birthday. Big bummer, but we made due without it!

So on to Christmas! We had a busy, and funfilled 2 days! Started with heading out to Aunt Jades house, and exchanging gifts, and letting the kids play. Then heading to my moms house for an amazing Christmas prime rib dinner! (well worth waiting all year for!)
Followed by presents! Now this is madness!! Then its over in just minutes!

After dessert, Aiden and Josh got on the computer to track where Santa was. When we heard he was in Canada, Aiden decided we better hightail it outta there, and get home to our beds. So that we did!! The next morning they woke up, and got to their stockings, and then moved on to our presents under our tree.
Shortly after, grandpa came over to enjoy our Christmas breakfast feast that Josh made for all of us! Then we watched the kids enjoy toy after toy after toy. And if you are Kaylee, then you also really enjoy the new clothes you got(while Aidens went right over his head once he saw them....ahh dad, why a sweater?!)!! Then we cleaned up and headed out to Uncle Mikes house in Gig Harbor, and the whole family was once again caught up in a huge nerf gun fight! Kaylee got a much anticipated Princess tent for her room that fits rght onto a twin mattress(genius!)So Kaylee and her big brother got set up, and ended their night together in the tent!!Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Goodnight!!

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The Masters said...

WHAT FUN!!!! It looks like it was a great Christmas for the Yost family!! Loved your Christmas card!! Aiden and Kaylee are getting so big and Kaylee is gorgeous!!! Are you going to find out lil' yost #3 or let it be a surprise?