Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let it snow Let is snow Let is snow!!

Our first snow fall of the winter season, and it is amazing! We got a wonderful 6 inches here at our house! The snow started to fall at 5am on Wednesday morning, and just kept coming!! School closed, and Fort Lewis closed for the day, so the whole family had a snow day! We all had a blast playing outside. Aiden started a snowball fight with the neighbor high school girls!! Kaylee had fun, then was too cold after about 15 minutes of it. She needed to go inside, get undressed, get a blanket, and a hot chocolate, and a show on, then she was much much happier. Kaylee thinks the snow is just prettier to enjoy from the couch! Aiden and Josh stayed outside for a good long while sledding, and building, and fighting. Miley our puppy loves to catch flying snowballs! But yet, she will never get excited about a ball...strange doggie! The snow is still here today, and still coming down. School is closed again today, and no word on Friday yet. Fort Lewis had a late work call of 10am!! Wowie!! We hope it sticks around for a gorgeous white Christmas!!
Snow Angel Kaylee!! This is the first thing she wanted to do!!

Attacking Mom!!

This is our Road!!

And now she is all done...I am outta here!

Wait for it....wait for it....

Attack the snowball!!

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