Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Autumn everyone! I have a couple of fun pictures to post from the last 2 weeks. Kaylee turned 4 years old! So so big, and full of attitude for sure!

We had a little party at our house for her with her grandparents, and some friends. Grandpa Yost got her a ballet learning mat that she just loves like crazy! We all had a great time wathcing her enjoy herself! Happy Birthday Princess!

And the following Friday was Halloween! Aiden was a blue power ranger, and Kaylee was a cheerleader. Unfortunatly Kaylee woke up that morning with the flu. She was running a high fever, and very not happy with the bad timing. But around 4 she did shake it off, and was ready to party! So for about an hour and a half they trick or treated and had a ball, then Kaylee started puking everywhere! So the night was over for her! But her brother was so nice, he continued to Trick or Treat, and at every door he went to he asked for some candy for his little sister who was at home sick! He is a great big brother!

And and update on our new addition...We had our first ultrasound, and found that I am 12 weeks along already! Our due date is going to be May 29, 2009. And we will find out the sex of the baby in January!! Thanks for stopping by! Hope all is well with everyone!

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The Masters said...

Ahhh....he is a GREAT big brother!!! They both looked SO cute!! We are still back and forth with having another...but itsn't it crazy to think it has been 4 YEARS since we have had to care for a baby....that just blows my mind....I would be totally lost!! HAHA!!! I am so excited for you though...can't wait to hear what you are having!